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The 5 Biggest Plays from Boise State vs. San Diego State

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It feels good to get a win over San Diego State and then to never see San Diego State again for another year. Sheesh, what is it about that Rocky Long voodoo that makes these games so tough? Boise State falls behind 20-0, looking for all the world to be stuck in the same SDSU rut it's been in for the past two seasons. Then a field goal here, a touchdown there, a third-down conversion over here, and they've got a 38-29 win. Here are a few of the big plays that got us there.

1. Fake punt by Chris Santini

Boise State's second possession of the second half, staring at a second straight three-and-out, Bryan Harsin called every armchair quarterback's favorite play: Fake punt (armchair QBs second-favorite play: center sneak). It worked, Boise State went on to score a touchdown (thanks to a 15-yard gain on third and nine just three plays later), and 23-10 became 23-17.

2. Cleshawn Page interception

Still at 23-17, SDSU gave up its first turnover of the game, a pick by Quinn Kaehler to Cleshawn Page. Two plays later, Boise State had its first lead.

3. Deep pass to Chaz Anderson

Down 20-0, Boise State's first sign of life was a 46-yard pass to Chaz Anderson that he tipped, bobbled, and caught. It led to a field goal that was kind of depressing at the time, but it might have helped open the floodgates just a tiny bit.

4 & 5. That whole last drive (of each half)

Boise State went 78 yards in 1:23 just before the half to make it a 20-10 game, then the Broncos sat on it for six-and-a-half minutes when there were only eight minutes left to play, scoring a sealing touchdown to put the game away.

What were your fondest memories of this one? Do share in the comment.

Go Broncos!