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Boise State vs. San Diego State Game Preview

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Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The all-time history of Boise State versus San Diego State looks like this.

  • 2011: Boise State 52, San Diego State 35 <-- huge, triumphant victory
  • 2012: San Diego State 21, Boise State 19 <-- deflating, humiliating home loss
  • 2013: San Diego State 34, Boise State 31 (OT) <-- crushing, terrible loss that cost Boise State a shot at MW title

And that's it. We've had three years of Boise State - San Diego State history, three years of Rocky Long septuagenerian jokes, three years of having no idea what the San Diego State starting quarterback's name was.

Three years of history, and San Diego State has the upperhand.

It's safe to say that very few teams have the upperhand on Boise State in the all-time head-to-head history books. So not only would it be good to grind the Aztecs to dust this week for conference standings purposes and for general revenge purposes and for wanting to grind everyone to dust in the most polite and affirming way possible purposes, it would be good to beat the Aztecs so that the Aztecs can never point to the head-to-head results and shout "Scoreboard!" in between bites of their fish tacos.

Does Rocky Long have any magic dust left (a.k.a. ground up Centrum Silvers)? For sure I did not see losses coming in either of the past two seasons when these teams played. There's something about that 3-3-5 defense and Rocky Long's personal vendetta against blue grass that just makes for a different feel to these games.

Maybe Bryan Harsin has what it takes to shake the losing streak. He would seem to have the better team, the hotter team, and the team that probably would have beat Idaho by more than 14 points (although thanks for beating Idaho, SDSU!).

We'll see come Saturday. Hopefully we'll see different things than we have the past two years.

Game facts

When: Saturday, 8:15 p.m. MT

Where: Albertson Stadium


In the booth: Dave Lamont and Dan Hawkins (yes, that Dan Hawkins)

Keys to the game

Score more points than the other team. Preferably, way more points.

Win the turnover battle. Turnover ties are also allowed.

Get the SDSU defense figured out. The past two seasons, moving the ball and scoring points against SDSU has been a mighty tall task for this offense. I assume Mike Sanford has some answers, since he's Mike Sanford and all.

Score prediction

Boise State 35, San Diego State 14