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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-14-14

Baby (and adults), it's cold outside!

UPDATE: Hedrick Officially Capital One Player-of-the-Week

SDSU, Long on Boise State

SDSU coach Rocky Long admires (is that the right word?) Boise State's success in building their program into a national powerhouse. The article mentions our new facilities with snack bars scattered throughout. Still no word on Kevan's churro machine.

Long Shares Game Plan for Beating Boise State

Score more than us, stop us from scoring more than them, get paid more than Russ Wood. Long claims their recent success "has nothing to do with the blue turf," which begs the question, why the past stance on our uniforms? He and the players actually had the advantage of our players being silhouetted against the stands/sky/cheerleaders (not turf) from a ground-level perspective, amirite?

Question: if it's snowy tomorrow, is it too late to change the color scheme to "White Out?"

SDSU/BSU Matchup

I didn't realize that SDSU running back Donnel Pumphrey is the #1 back in the MWC and ranked #6 nationally. Why did I just get the cold sweats?

Predictions of MWC Awards

The aforementioned Pumphrey is mentioned ahead of Ajayi, as well as Hedrick getting the snub in favor of QB Garrett Grayson from CSU. I say we reverse the rushing stats of Pumphrey and Ajayi this weekend. Does anyone remember how Lagarrette Blount was supposed to run all over us? Yeah, neither do I.


If you ever meet Biff from Back to the Future, don't worry about asking him anything. This should cover you. Speaking of bad weather: Did you know it can literally rain cats and dogs? Okay, maybe just fish and birds (and the occasional shark, of course).