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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 11-12-14

Rankings out today, and boy, are they rank!

Oregon Ranking a Good Thing for BSU?

The playoff rankings came out, and Oregon leaped over Florida State, despite their one loss (which might mean a two-loss Boise State is more appealing to the selection committee than an undefeated Marshall). Also, TCU broke the top 4. It's good to see an old friend/enemy doing so well! But the real question is: If they finally win a national championship, can Gary Patterson afford some suspenders?

Interesting Stats from UNM Game

This one comes courtesy of Bill C. from Football Study Hall. One interesting stat to me: Both teams had 14 possessions and zero turnovers (but only one team enjoyed sixty burgers). In Hedrick we trust.

Checking in with our Recruits

Rypien continues to look more and more like Moore, and I live in Moreland! (See what I forced there?)


These are the most famous books set in every state. Has anyone ever read Housekeeping? Is it set at your house? 'Cause it's definitely not set in mine! Ahahahahahahaha!--sorry, sweetie, I'll go get the couch ready.

(...'cause there are kids' coats on it.)