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5 Things We Learned From Boise State vs. Nevada

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

1. Phew.

Let's blow out Nevada by 40 points next year, mkay?

2. Boise State is capable of scoring tons of points.

If you subtract the seven points that the defense scored, Boise State's offense put 44 on the board, and keep in mind: No Matt Miller. Basically no Jay Ajayi for the first half (due to being in an iron lung of zero running room, not injury). I'm not even really sure how the Broncos had 30 by halftime. Grant Hedrick passing the ball to whoever's open, and some creative playcalling? Sounds like the Bronco offense of old.

3. New and creative ways to turn the ball over

A tipped swing pass, a fumbled QB-RB exchange, bonking into the back of your offensive lineman and fumbling. These were all turnover adventures in the second half that let a possible blowout develop into a nailbiter. Throw in a fumbled snap on a third and one, and you can get the sense about what Boise State will be working on over the bye week.

4. Gutsy day by a depleted defense.

I think gutsy is probably the right word, even in giving up hundreds upon hundreds of yards. Tons of new names dotted the two-deep, and still the defense found a way to make some big plays. Beau Martin's final drive sack. Tyler Gray's pick six. Kamalei Correa's everything.

5. Jay Ajayi finds a way to contribute. Jeremy McNichols gets me excited for the future.

Teams have figured out that committing to stop Jay Ajayi is the best strategy of all the strategies, so it makes sense why Ajayi hasn't found much room to run in recent weeks. Still, like a Sherlock Holmes on the trail for daylight, his vision and determination led to a pair of awesome runs in the second half. Give him 27 carries, and he's bound to find one or two to break for big gains.

As for the speedy McNichols, he sure looked good didn't he? McNichols became the second true freshman to play this year (Dylan Sumner-Gardner was the first), and it's kind of an exciting glimpse into the future - not just of Bronco football to come but also of the types of players that Bryan Harsin and this coaching staff will be bringing to Boise.

Your thoughts?

Have at it in the comments.

Go Broncos!