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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-31-14

Slow news day today.

Colorado State's Perspective of our End-of-Season

They pretty much have the same hopes we do. My takeaway from this? We need to pray/meditate harder, or appease the Blue Turf Monster with the occasional sacrifice. Anybody know where I can get a ram on the cheap?

Chandler Hutchison Looks to Make Immediate Impact on B-ball Team

Since Coach Rice signed him one year ago he has grown 2 inches (now 6'8") and 15 pounds (now 194 lbs.). By my calculations, I figure by the time he finishes his senior year he'll be 7'6" and 504.7 lbs. (if I multiply the percentage of weight he gained [26.8%] each year with the current years' weight). Sounds about right to me!

Disclaimer: I'm not a math teacher.


Ever wonder how Halloween came about? Well, wonder no more! As a side note: My family has discovered that Candy Corn + Salted Peanuts = Salted Nut Bar. Try me. This cat doesn't like Halloween.

If you have any juicy (or, heck, even dry) tips, email them to