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Boise State Halloween Costumes

This year, our boys have a well-deserved break during the most Hallowed of E'ens. I have put together a few Halloween costume suggestions for them.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Costume Suggestion #1: Mat Boesen as Thor

"By the Hoary Hosts of Haggoth!"

Many compare his golden locks to those of Clay Matthews, but come this time of year, Boesen should embrace his resemblance to The God of Thunder and worthily wield a cardboard Mjolnir. One caveat, though, Thor is now female. But a quick search for a slinky female Thor costume should cover him (figuratively speaking). Here, I'll even do it for him... welp, that didn't take very long. You're welcome, Mat!

Costume Suggestion #2: Coach Harsin as Bermuda Merlin

"Blow me to Bermuda!"

Follow me, here: Coach Harsin is a wizard, dur. The reason I went with Bermuda Merlin and not the obvious Gandalf or Dumbledore, is because Merlin has seen the future, and Coach Harsin has resolved to attack it. Besides, this costume is a quick trip to the thrift store or my closet.

Costume Suggestion #3: Thomas Sperbeck as Matt Miller

Somebody needs to be (tear), and he's filled in nicely.

Costume Suggestion #4: Shane Williams-Rhodes as Himself

"Trick or Treat?"

I was going to suggest he go as Speedy Gonzalez, but given the limited time he has to put together a costume, he could just put on his football uniform and go as a BSU football player. He would fit right in with the other trick or treaters, and maybe even get his head patted a time or two! One problem though; big kids. Mean ol' Mario Yakoo might take his hard-earned candy.

Costume Suggestion #5: Jay Ajayi as Predator

Because dreadlocks.

Are there any other suggestions you might have? Leave 'em in the comments!