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Wake Up, Bronco Nation 10-29-14

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Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Superfans or Superjerks?

Some BSU fans refused to sit down during the BYU game, despite being asked to by people behind them. Do you admire their tenacity, or are you ashamed at their behavior? Is this Polynikes minus his stormtrooper suit? (Just kidding, Poly, you're way uglier!)

Rypien Surpasses Kellen Moore's High School Passing Yardage

*Gasp! Is it too early to get on the "Rypien Wagon"? Does that even work as wordplay? (Hmmm... Rypien for the pick? Hypien for Rypien?)

BSU Considering Covering Athletes' Cost of Attendance

Does this benefit extend to the Ping Pong Club?

Another Kid Whose Success I had Nothing to do With, but Know, so There's That

I know his recruitment is old news, but Harwell goes to the school I currently teach at, and I've had the privilege of broadcasting some of his games. The kid's a human highlight reel! Here's his performance against Pocatello last year (he scores the first points and I think has a pretty spectacular dunk in this one. Handling skills of a point guard, and the paint presence of a center. Fun to watch!)


Here's a video I don't want my creative kids to see. And Here we have I-da-hooo (and every other state), but this is still my favorite map of the USA.