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4 Things We Learned from Boise State vs. BYU

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

1. How did the Air Force game ever happen?

Remove that blot from the schedule, and this season makes sense. Boise State has been downright dangerous for long stretches of the season, perhaps never more so than they were tonight against BYU. Take the Air Force nightmare off the record, and you are looking at a Top 25 team.

2. If you're going to throw interceptions, balance them with 80-yard touchdowns

The 5-INT Grant Hedrick from a few weeks back has given way to the 4-TD Grant Hedrick of today. Sure, there's still the slight problem of throwing pick-sixes on swing passes, but at least he's doing it when BSU is up by 25 points. He's improved across the board with decision-making, turnovers, accuracy, and timely plays. He threw two long touchdown passes, but his two best throws might have been the over-the-shoulder to Chaz Anderson on 3rd down and the bullet on the post to Troy Ware for a touchdown. Now if we could bottle up this version of Grant Hedrick and open a six-pack every Saturday until December.

3. Thomas Sperbeck, ladies and gentlemen

Forever to be known this season as Matt MIller's replacement, Sperbeck is doing mighty fine filling in as the Broncos' No. 1 wide receiver (I guess Shane Williams-Rhodes might technically be the number one, but he kind of deserves his own position name like slot maestro or something because what he does seems so untraditional). Sperbeck flashed speed, agility, great hands, and big air, making plays that are typically reserved for Matt Miller types. Good things ahead for Sperbeck and the offense.

4. What more can you say about this defense?

The defense - and the entire team - is stacked with so many young, improving players that the future just looks ridiculously positive (especially if Jay Ajayi comes back and Brett Rypien works out). The defense brought its A-game again, helped probably a little by BYU's B-minus game. Of course, most offenses will look like a B-minus or worse when Kamalei Correa is chasing you around and Darian Thompson is baiting you into INTs.

Enjoy the week off next week. Then four more before a (fingers crossed) conference championship game.

Go Broncos!