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One Moa Time

If you'd followed Freshman DT David Moa's brother Penaia's social media accounts over the last few months, you'd probably have known this day was coming. Penaia, who goes by "Ben" is a one-time SDSU commit and a current DT at Grossmont College who'd loudly announced his intentions to follow his little bro to Boise State, so it seemed a foregone conclusion that if the stars aligned and, ostensibly, a scholarship was offered, he hop on it. Well, it now looks like that is indeed the case as rumors swirled all morning of his at-long-last commitment and Bryan Harsin confirmed the news with his personal commitment alarm:

Moa had picked up an offer from Kansas State last month, but even then the writing was on the wall that he was all Bronco, and today's commitment just formalizes it.

Moa instagram

Moa plays both football and basketball at Grossmont and was named second team all-conference on defense last season as a freshman. Moa, currently in the midst of his sophomore campaign, is 6'4" and 290 lbs., so won't need much (if any) coaxing from Jeff Pitman and he'll also staunch a bit of bleeding that the D-line will experience in 2016. BroncoCountry's Chase Glorfield highlighted the elder Moa earlier this month, and the article really speaks to the obstacles Moa has overcome to get to this point in his playing career. Moa is the 11th known commit of the 2015 class—a class that likely is closing in on its scholarship cap—his midseason highlights are below.