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Boise State vs. Nevada: Game Preview and Neverending QB Discussion Thread

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

First things first. The Official Kevan Stance on Boise State's quarterback dilemma is ... no stance. I'm not particularly stoked about either choice: a) because Grant Hedrick has thrown eight interceptions in two losses and b) because Ryan Finley didn't beat out Grant Hedrick in Fall Camp.

I have lots more to say about Boise State's quarterback situation - how Grant Hedrick leaves the pocket early for no plausible reason other than maybe he can't see over his linemen or he forgets his progressions or Boise State wide receivers aren't open, how he is quite careless in the red zone for some unknown reason (is it forgetfulness? is it lack of preparation? is he mad at me?), how Bryan Harsin has little to choose from back there and no Kellen Moore superhero-type waiting in the wings, how Chris Petersen sure did leave the cupboard rather bare didn't he, how Chris Petersen might have only hit on one superstar quarterback in his time at Boise State and oh yeah Justin Wilcox recruited that guy and oh yeah Bryan Harsin developed him, how Brett Rypien could be the real deal and might be carrying huge enormous expectations when he arrives - but I'm not going to say all that.

It's on to Nevada - despised, despicable Nevada.

Let's beat them by 50 points while throwing four interceptions, amirite? That'll show 'em!

Game details

Kickoff: 8:30 p.m. MT

Location: Reno, Nevada

TV: CBS Sports Network

Players to watch

Grant Hedrick, Boise State quarterback

How will the senior quarterback respond after

Kamalei Correa, Boise State defensive end

The Broncos did okay at most times against the Air Force triple option. Can they do it again against the Pistol? I'd bet Correa will be in the middle of any type of dominant Boise State defensive performance, partially because he's 10-feet wide and it's hard not to be in the middle of something when you take up that much space and move that fast.

Nigel Haikins and Duran Workman, Nevada safeties

Each Nevada safeties has two interceptions, and Boise State just so happens to be having a liquidation sale on offensive possession. Everything must go! Footballs in the red zone are priced to move! Nevada is Top Ten in the country in turnover margin, and Boise State is ... not in the Top Ten.

Cody Fajardo, Nevada quarterback

Yes, he's still around. No, he's not as good as Colin Kaepernick. Maybe he'll cause some trouble on Saturday night and cause you to throw things at your TV. Hard to say!

Where does Nevada land on the list of teams we like the least?

There's forever #1: Idaho.


Maybe Fresno.

Maybe Nevada.

Maybe someone else? BYU, Utah State, Hawaii, etc.

I report, you decide. And I'm reporting that Nevada scheduled Boise State as their homecoming game, that Nevada coach Brian Polian thinks Boise State is a bunch of cheaters, and that Reno is kind of a scary place at night. Lots of buffets and middle fingers.

Go Broncos! Beat all these teams I listed above!


Boise State 41, Nevada 28