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4 Things We Learned From Boise State vs. Fresno State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

1. Bryan Harsin turns up the gutsiness.

The for-all-intents-and-purposes game-winning drive included two successful fourth-down tries by the Broncos, which came about due to two Bryan Harsin decisions to go for it on fourth down. These are not Andy Reid's Broncos. They are Bryan Harsin's, and although he most definitely wasn't listening to any of us with these decisions, it's nice to feel like sometimes the coach feels the same way we do about fourth-and-short. Always go for it. Always. It always works in Madden.

(Increasing the gutsiness factor: the Broncos failed on a third-and-one earlier in the second half, proving that anything can happen in short yardage and that a big percentage of that "anything" is turnover on downs).

2. Mike Sanford's getting good at this playcalling thing

He's been good all along, mind you. But with an offense missing Matt Miller and a running game devoid of big plays, Sanford dipped into his Trapper Keeper of trickerration to pull out this gem:

This, plus all the fun formations and daring playcalls make me love Mike Sanford so much right now.

3. Boise State has never lost a game when Grant Hedrick throws zero interceptions, Jay Ajayi loses zero fumbles, and I eat Boise Fry Co before the game. Undefeated.

4. Boise State is 5-2 with all its toughest remaining games at home.

This is not so much a takeaway from the game as it is an observation and a heads up that I'm going to officially resume Boise State Mountain West Championship and Possible New Years Bowl Watch. I am reckless and irresponsible with setting expectations.

That's all for me tonight.

How about you?

Thoughts and cheering in the comments.

Go Broncos!