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Hi Nuggies!

This is Jesse. I'm in Boise for tonight's tilt against Fresno State and for the first time I get to take advantage of OBNUG's press pass.

Follow along as I take you through the game day from our new point of view. Heck, who knows, I might even be able to get a selfie with Cripe and Southern.

No promises.


7:00am - 12:00pm PST - Work :-(

12:00pm - Catch the Link Light Rail to Sea-Tac

12:45pm - 1:30pm - Grab a quick bit at the Seahawks 12th Club by Gate N

2:30pm PST- Catch flight: SEA > LWS > BOI

A fellow passenger's jounrey: FAT > SEA > LWS > BOI... Nice guy despite his preference in college football teams. At least his son is a Bronco!

6:00pm MST- Land, get rental car. Look at this gem...

7:00pm - Eat dinner at St. Lawrence Gridiron

Had the Mac and Cheese with Weenies. The Mac and Cheese was good, not great, but the Weenies were exquisite (that's a foodie term, right?).


The Hoff building looking awfully majestic on Last night #OBNUGPressPass

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8:00pm - Settle in at relatives in Meridian.


12:00pm - Hey, I like to sleep. Meet up with friends at Juniper on 8th.

Nice spot... I had the Caesar Salad with Steak. Friends, I've been eating well. I highly recommend.

2:30pm -


Needed a little jumpstart. #OBNUGPressPass

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3:30pm - Boise Fry Company Tailgate Party!!!

5:45pm -


#OBNUGPressPass #OBNUGPressCorps

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5:59pm -



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6:32pm - Boise State goes up 10-7 on a Goodale FG


The press life #OBNUGPressPass

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5:35pm - 76-yd TD run by Marteze Waller

5:36pm - Nice try Fresno - Squib Kick

5:44pm - End of the First Quarter. Boise State 13 - Fresno State 10

7:00pm - Finders keepers, losers weepers. Boise State 20 - Fresno State 10.

7:29pm - Halftime. Same score... 29 minutes with no scoring. Come on guys.

Food Update:

2 Tacos

1 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie

3/4 of a Brownie


7:41pm - Got one selfie.

8:05pm - Touchdown Broncos! Hedrick to SWR

8:08pm - I think I might check out that whole Olive Garden All You Can Eat Pasta Pass

8:21pm - Field Goals are easy apparently. 27-20 Boise State

8:22pm - Goodie...a fumble.

8:25pm - Tie game... at least they're playing this at the stadium

8:30pm - Start of the 4th. 27-27. Starting to get a bit nervous.

8:45pm - Hedrick now tied for third in TD RECEPTIONS!!! REVERSE PASS!!

8:49pm - Now the crowd's awake... and Fresno doesn't convert the long third down. It must have been that three minute long BOISE STATE chant that re-energized everyone.

8:58pm - 5 minutes left... up 7... Finish Them!!!

9:00pm - Had to get one of these shots...


Glamorous, huh? #OBNUGPressPass

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9:05pm - Hey look, I upgraded.



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9:10pm - Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner. Final Score: 37-27. Why hello, Milk Can.



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9:34pm -