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Boise State vs. Fresno State game preview and comment thread

Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Football on a Friday? I've lost all bearing of my circadian rhythm and here I am rolling a game preview into a comment thread. Strangely (or perhaps serendipitously), you can leave a comment with a score prediction then comment on the game as your score comes true or more probably doesn't. Heaven help me if Boise State ever plays on a Wednesday night. I'm liable to publish a vlog preview on a Sunday.

But enough about my weird posting schedule. Let's chat revenge. Let's talk delicious payback, sweet retribution, tasty satisfaction, and salty fries. Sorry, salty fries is a Boise Fry Co tailgate thing. I got my revenge and my tubers confused.

It'd of course feel better if there were a Carr taking snaps for Fresno. But there's at least still a DeRuyter on the sidelines and that slobbering dog on the helmet. Fresno will always be Fresno, and victory will sweet whenever and however - especially after a loss the season before.

Game facts

Time: 6:00 p.m. Friday (today)

Location: Albertson's

Which Albertson's: Sorry, should have said Albertson's Stadium. Do not go to the Albertson's on Overland/Vista. There will not be a football game there.


In the booth: Dave Fleming and David Diaz-Infante

Boise Fry Co tailgate: 3-7pm at the Broadway location. Drink specials and raffles and music and parking and oh yeah the most delicious fries and burgers you'll ever eat. The OBNUG team will be there if you want to say hi and high-five one another.

Players to watch

Thomas Sperbeck, Boise State receiver

Matt Miller out, Thomas Sperbeck in. There's no way that Sperbeck can replicate Miller one-for-one, but he has shown enough in his appearances this year to give hope. And it could be worse; Miller could be replaced by you or me or Kamalei Correa. (Actually, scratch that, I'd love to see Kamalei Correa at receiver.)

Josh Harper, Fresno State receiver

Speaking of receivers in the spotlight, Josh Harper will be for Fresno because he is their big stud on offense (along with RB Marteze Waller), and teams love to pass on Boise State. My recommendation: Put Kamalei Correa on him in bump-and-run coverage.

Keys to the game

Score more than the other team - Here's a helpful formula I devised: Actual points + style points - style points = points.

Win the turnover battle - Recommended battle reading: Sun Tzu's Art of Warbling Passes

Watch for the tricky stuff - It'd be so like Fresno to try some funny business on special teams or fourth down or onside kicks. Put your contacts in, Boise State people!

Score prediction

Boise State 35, Fresno State 20.

Your prediction?

Happy football!

Go Broncos!