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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 01-06-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Sumner-Gardner: "...I feel like at Boise I can really be the person that changes the program around."

Su'esu'e: "I love the coaching staff that’s coming in and the atmosphere that Boise State provides."

Idaho Press: Broncos get past bulldogs

Led by Anothony Drmic's 19 points, Boise State beat Fresno State 86-79 on Saturday.

From Grantland, Guz Malzahn: The Making of a Modern Day Guru

How Gus Malzahn went from high school defensive coordinator to college offensive mastermind, and took Auburn to the brink of championship glory in the process

CBS: Andy Dalton dodges blame in loss

Here's a life lesson: if you mess up, take responsibility... It's called being accountable and it's the sign of a true leader. If you Wikipedia 'quarterbacking', it says that leadership is a key ingredient for success.

We asked Dalton over and over about his role in this loss, his mistakes, his turnovers. We asked him about the time he fumbled without being hit and the time he threw an interception without being pressured and the other pick he threw -- under pressure but stupidly off his back foot toward double coverage. All of that happened on three consecutive possession, a 10-minute fusillade of fail that turned a one-possession game into a blowout loss that had Bengals fans booing as they walked out with time left on the clock.

But Dalton, as nice a guy as there is in the Bengals locker room, refused to do the nice thing and point the finger away from his teammates and at himself. That's what quarterbacks do, or are supposed to do. It's how leaders lead. They screw up, they admit it. Even if it wasn't entirely their fault, even if things happened that football fans and football media don't understand. A quarterback plays as badly as Andy Dalton played on Sunday, and the quarterback takes the blame.

But not this quarterback.