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Good afternoon, Bronco Nation: 1-29-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Washington 6, Boise State 1

The Broncos scored one for the little guys by getting a big flip last night: Coeur d'Alene tight end Chase Blakley chose Boise State over a previous commitment to UW. And then, as if a Bronco Fan Self-Esteem alarm went off in the Husky offices, Washington struck back by claiming former Bronco commit Jaylen Johnson as their own. At any rate, it's no longer a shutout, so we have that.

Ticket prices are staying the same

Time to put all that angst and excitement into some hastily-purchased season tix.

All you  need to know about Boise State vs. Air Force tonight

You know the links are late when we've already posted three other stories. One of those is the b-ball preview. Read it, love it, learn from it.

Pack the Taco (or however that saying goes).

ETCThis dog (is up for adoption).