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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 01-22-14

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The Scott Slant takes a look at Ryan Watkins' Herculean Effort from last night

Watkins technically hit a triple-double last night: 15 points, 11 offensive rebounds and 11 defensive rebounds. FYI, the school record is 24.

Coach Yates is out doing his thing:

Seven players added to the roster for spring football

The list includes Dylan Sumner-Gardner, A.J. Richardson, and Thomas Stuart. An intriguing name, Kolton Donovan, also made an appearance. After playing a year at Southern Utah, spurning a BYU scholarship in the process, Donovan took some time off for a mission. Well, now he is a Bronco and the dude can snap....

... but probably not as good as this dude...

ETC... THESE Burgers