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Recruiting central: All the Boise State football commits as of 5 minutes ago

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Updated 2/05 @ 11:56 a.m.

Things change rapidly in recruiting, just as they do in most other areas of teenage boys' lives. One minute you're into Drake; the next minute you're into Kelly Clarkson. One minute you're enrapt with the allure of Boise, Idaho; the next minute you're a Washington commit. One minute you're going through puberty, five years later you're still going through puberty (me).

Point is, Boise State's 2014 recruiting class is a fluid element. Commits mean nothing until Fax Machine Appreciation Day on Tuesday, February 5. A lot will happen between then and now.

Nevertheless, we will try to make sense of all Boise State's comings and goings here in this post. It will be updated as needed, but no more often than every five minutes. An unpaid intern can only do so much work around here.

Boise State's 2014 recruiting class

High School Seniors

Grayshirts (from last year's recruiting class)

  • WR A.J. Richardson

Junior College Transfers

  • OL Jerhen Ertel - profile
  • QB Thomas Stuart - profile
  • DE Rondell McNair
  • DL Antoine Turner


  • DB Khalil Oliver
  • DL/LB Jaylen Johnson
  • OG Troy Bacon
  • OT Jesse Sosebee

Boise State former commits

  • WR Shay Fields (Colorado)
  • RB Squally Canada (Washington State)
  • DL Hawkins Mann (Nevada)
  • TE Dimitri Flowers (Oklahoma)
  • QB Jalen Greene (USC)
  • TE Drew Sample (Washington)
  • CB Brandon Lewis (Washington)
  • OL Ryan Griswold (TCU)
  • DL Greg Gaines (Washington)
  • OT Jesse Sosebee (Washington)
  • DE Will Dissly (Washington)
  • DL/LB Jaylen Johnson (Washington)
  • DB Khalil Oliver (Oregon)