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An updated Boise State football depth chart

Plenty of good spots still available

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Football season has come and gone, and nah, I'm just goofing you. Football season never leaves.

Two weeks from now will be Letter of Intent Day sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Two months from now will be spring football. Then there's talking about spring football, talking about fall football, talking about Ole Miss, complaining about polls, and wouldn't you know it, where has the time gone? There's hardly any time to cram in an updated depth chart. Better do it now.

Below is Boise State's depth chart for the ill-fated Hawaii Bowl with the notable difference of my having crossed off all the guys who aren't returning.

By my count, the Broncos will have six returning starters on offense (seven, depending on your tight end leanings) and eight returning starters on defense for a total of Conference Championship.



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