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The OBNUG plan for blog domination

Stretch your reading muscles, wherever they are

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Since the dawn of Kellen Moore, OBNUG has provided nonstop Boise State coverage at an alarming rapidity, breadth, and depth - inspiring a gaggle of others to pursue the implausible posting schedule and pale lifestyle of a Boise State blogger. The Internet is a far different place than it was six years ago, the Broncos are a far different team, and I am a far different writer. I make fun of Colt Brennan a lot less, for one.

Despite this obstinate future obstinately changing things, I want to assure you that OBNUG will remain as snarky, happy, humorous, and well-written as ever, or your money back.

In fact, you can expect more words from this point forward.

I'd like to make some promises, kinda like a politician would except a lot less skeezy and hopefully with better follow through. I promise:

  • A links post per weekday
  • Another post per weekday of any topic whatsoever pleases us
  • News coverage for the sake of talking about the news (I stubbornly refuse to break news until I have a press pass, and even then ...)
  • Recruiting profiles of every recruit
  • Men's basketball pregame and postgame stories
  • Hope
  • Change
  • World Peace
  • e-Churros

You will likely be reading a lot more of me these next few months, which is either really good news or really disappointing news, depending on how much you like classic literature. The reasons for this are not secret, so might as well out with them: Nate Peters has gone to write for Bronco Nation News Now (BNNNNNN) and Nick Kroes is dabbling in a real job that pays. Nick might come back later, Nate will wave at you from the comments while he lurks. We wish Nate the best and for Nick to explain this job-with-money thing.

That leaves me, Drew, and Jesse to explain Boise State football and basketball to you, using as many puns as we can.

Thanks for sticking around. Hope you like reading about Boise State because there will be more of that in the next few months.

#ATF (Attack the Funyuns)