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Boise State adds a Cincinnati home-and-home to its futures schedule

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bearcats will be coming to Boise in 2019, and Boise State will travel to Cincinnati in 2020, the school announced today. That gives Boise State yet another automatic qualifying home-and-home contract, assuming Cincinnati is still an automatic qualifying school in 2019 or that the term "automatic qualifying" hasn't gone the way of the VCR.

In news of less national excitement but great Pocatello excitement, Boise State will play Idaho State in 2015 as a last resort to complete the Broncos' home schedule. Put another way, the University of Idaho is less than a last resort for scheduling purposes.

Here are Boise State's upcoming opponents from 2014 and way, way beyond (HT: Cripe):

vs. Ole Miss in Atlanta (Thursday, Aug. 28)
at Connecticut (Sept. 13)
vs. Louisiana (Sept. 20)
vs. BYU (Oct. 25)
MW home: Colorado State, Fresno State, San Diego State, Utah State
MW road: Air Force, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming

vs. Washington (Sept. 3 or 4)
at BYU (Sept. 12)
vs. Idaho State (Sept. 19)
at Virginia (Sept. 26)
MW home: Air Force, Hawaii, New Mexico, Wyoming
MW road: Colorado State, San Jose State, UNLV, Utah State

at Louisiana (Sept. 3)
vs. Washington State (Sept. 10)
at Oregon State (Sept. 24)
vs. BYU (Oct. 15)
MW home: Colorado State, San Jose State, UNLV, Utah State
MW road: Air Force, Hawaii, New Mexico, Wyoming

vs. Troy (Sept. 2)
at Washington State (Sept. 9)
vs. Virginia (Sept. 23)
at BYU (Oct. 7)

at Troy (Sept. 1)
vs. Connecticut (Sept. 8)
at Oklahoma State (Sept. 15)
vs. BYU (Oct. 20)

at Florida State (Sept. 7)
vs. Cincinnati (Sept. 21)
at BYU (Oct. 12)

vs. Florida State (Sept. 12)
at Cincinnati (Sept. 26)
vs. BYU (Oct. 17)

vs. Oklahoma State (Sept. 18)
at BYU (Oct. 9)

vs. Michigan State (Sept. 17)
vs. BYU (Oct. 8)

at Michigan State (Sept. 16)
at BYU (Oct. 14)