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The best Boise State everything of 2013

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Best football players of 2013

  1. Demarcus Lawrence
  2. Matt Miller
  3. Jay Ajayi
  4. Charles Leno
  5. Matt Paradis
  6. Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe
  7. Shane Williams-Rhodes
  8. Ben Weaver
  9. Grant Hedrick & Joe Southwick (combined)
  10. Aaron Baltazar <-- vacated award

Best football players of 2013, as chosen by CBS Sports Network announcers

  1. Graham Hendricks
  2. Ben Weber
  3. Aaron Battlestar
  4. Jeremy
  5. Rick John-A-Jude
  6. Shane Rhodes-Williams
  7. Mike Miller
  8. Spencer Tracy
  9. Jay Au Jus
  10. Ryan Douglas

Best games of 2013

  1. Boise State over Nevada
  2. Boise State over Utah State
  3. Boise State over Colorado State (bonus points for coinciding with the OBNUG watch party)

Best stories of 2013

  1. Bryan Harsin returns to Boise State
  2. The Boise State basketball team makes the NCAA tourney, is quite good actually
  3. New JumboTron
  4. Gene Bleymaier Football Complex / neon emporium opens
  5. Boise State does Make-A-Wish again

Best anagram roster names of 2013

  1. Whale Arson (Sean Harlow)
  2. Tavern Itchiness (Steven Christian)
  3. Fetal Luau (Fatu Ulale)
  4. David It Huger (David Guthrie)
  5. Bra Knees (Ben Skaer)
  6. Llama Wedding (Adam Dingwell)
  7. Bear Pretzel (Albert Pereze)
  8. Rad Cheese (Chad Reese)
  9. Kent Airbus (Austin Berk)
  10. Eclair Dragon (Craig Leonard)

Best Anthony Drmic faces of 2013

Best Gabe Linehan photos of 2013


(2012 will never be topped.)

Best recruits of 2013 that are still Boise State recruits


The best freshmen of 2013

  1. Ben Weaver
  2. Gabe Perez
  3. Tanner Vallejo
  4. Chris Santini
  5. Kamalei Correa

The best hires of 2013

  1. Chris Petersen (by the University of Washington, obviously)
  2. Bryan Harsin
  3. Marcel Yates
  4. Mike Sanford
  5. Everyone else on the Boise State staff
  6. Every other coach to get hired in college football this year (sorry, guys, but the Broncos won HR for 2013)