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JuCo QB Thomas Stuart will join the Broncos

As I speculated on Thursday, JC QB Thomas Stuart (Butte College) will indeed join the Broncos football team—and quickly—as he tweeted this little more than an hour ago:

In this case, "the spring" is this Tuesday. Stuart will have "4 years to play 3" and told the Statesman's Brian Murphy that he'd "pass" on answering whether he would be on scholarship or a preferred walk-on to begin with. We could speculate all day as to why he's choosing to zip it on that particular matter, but apparently it was at the coaching staff's request and likely has to do with making sure we get our 2nd QB (a HS senior) locked in. And look...just as I'm typing that this happens...

He should get the staff's undivided attention. Dance Dance Revolution, anyone?