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Wake Up, Bronco Nation: 1-13-14

Ezra Shaw

Today is January 13th and that means it's Doug Martin's Birthday. To celebrate, I would first like to wish the 25 year old a very Happy Birthday from all of us at OBNUG and Bronco Nation. Second, out of respect, I won't even use my most favorite nickname of all-time... again, out of respect, not fear (but really, it's fear). Finally, let's all hope he is doing well in his recovery from shoulder surgery and since he is my keeper, I expect him to be the league's MVP next season. Now that the formalities are out of the way, let this be a tribute to the young man...


... and I don't care if Boise State Licensing comes a callin'.


via @manfred1701

Now on to the news... Huzzah!

Boise State Basketball suffered a BBBBBBAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD loss at home over the weekend...

I think Andy Glockner said it the best:

Check out the latest from the Coaching Carousel:

It'll be interesting seeing how these end up before the draft, but check out the various Demarcus Lawrence Draft Profiles:



NFL Draft Scout