Give me your tired, your poor . . . the wretched refuse of your teeming shores.

Standby for refugees, Nuggies.

Vicki Gowler, Idaho Statesman editor and vice president, announced that her newspaper will no longer accept online comments from anonymous "user names" (a.k.a. blog handles) as of September 15. After that, all comments posted online at the Statesman will be required to contain the writer’s actual name as established on a Facebook account. No Facebook? Then don’t try to post, according to Vicki.

Click here for Statesman story.

There is a possibility that OBNUG may see an influx of newly disenfranchised bloggers as a result. Many long-time Nuggies have avoided the Statesman comments sections because of the–how shall I say this? –inappropriate postings from a fair share of the writers. In reading the online responses today at the Statesman, it appears that a lot of the posters are simply going to give up making comments in order to preserve their anonymity, and they may search for other, less restrictive, sites.

It seems to me that we saw a tremendous number of new posters on OBNUG during and after the Washington game. Welcome, all. We have a special "family" here on this site, and we expect that all posters will have fun sharing information. Speaking only for myself, I sincerely hope that the nastier bloggers from the Statesman will go elsewhere and not clutter our place with their words. But that’s just my wish–it’s really up to the moderators and the rest of you Nuggies to determine what is acceptable.

If any of you want to make one last anonymous comment at the Statesman, you have until next Sunday to do so–then you’re outed. I won’t be there anymore (haven’t posted in years), but I don’t want you all to know that I’m really Houston Nutt.

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