BYU-Texas game

I assume that a lot Bronco fans watched the BYU-Texas game. Then, it goes without saying that a lot of jaws dropped ( including mine) as to the way BYU simply ran over Texas in that game. Being from Texas myself and a lifelong Longhorn fan, I was just dumbfounded and awestruck! My sources indicate that Brown's job is in serious jeopardy now. The alums are not happy. The bigger question here are the implications that game has to the BYU-BSU game coming up? Quite frankly, I have grave concerns for the Broncos. Last year, many BYU fans think BSU " got away with one" in that game. They were obviously up for the Longorn game and I suspect that they'll be looking for some measure of payback against BSU. Coach Pete? GET THE DEFENSE READY! Coach Prince? YOU HAD BETTER CALL THIS GAME LIKE A NCG GAME! I can assure you that BYU will coming with both barrels. However, with greater stakes come greater reward. The Broncos have a PLATINUM opportunity here to redeem themselves from that UWA embarrassment. If the Broncos can pull off a clear cut win over BYU a lot of that loss in Seattle will mitigated. Did anyone see the Utah State-AF game? Utah State is no joke! On a personal note. I am just beyond elated that USC went down one of the worst if not the worst team in the Pac 12- WSU. LOL . I supsect there will be a lot of drunk and hungover fans today? Not to metion that there will be a rash of workplace absenteeism on monday LOL. ( Let 'em talk trash about BSU now) BTW USC fans? Utah State will be coming soon! If you thought WSU played you tough, wai'till you play a team with a far better defense and an offense that can actually run the ball.

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