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Highlights from Boise State's win over Tennessee-Martin

Blowout city!

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Full stats and recap here. Miscellaneous highlights below.

Demarcus Lawrence out with an unspecified.

Boise State going with the gray uniform tops to highlight how much offensive linemen sweat.

Dylan Favre is a Favre: a danger to other teams and himself. Three-and-out.

First two drives for Boise State: 0 yards. Overreact!

Darian Thompson went full-on centerfielder for that fly ball from Favre.

Jay Ajayi busting tackles into the end zone, as is his purpose in life.

Southwick hits Aaron Burks on a long bomb and all is right with the world?

Onside kicks forever. Great call, great execution. Season-defining special teams moment for the DVD.

Southwick TD.

Southwick TD.

Southwick TD.

Southwick TD.

Glad to see Shane Williams-Rhodes more involved. Needed more touches, got more touches.

Fortune favors the bold, so Bryan Douglas must be a bold guy.

The UT-Martin coach yells a lot.

Kinda feeling like the Ohio Valley Conference refs have it out for UT-Martin.

Chris Santini. Bang. Just give him the hammer already.

I see Matt Paradis has a mohawk. Thought you'd like to know.

Funny how Boise State's slow-it-down offense has players standing in position and staring at the sidelines for 30 seconds of the play clock because they don't huddle anymore.

Where has Grant Hedrick been hiding those wheels?

NICK PATTI APPEARANCE. The Idaho Statesman has its lede.

I believe throwing deep on your first career pass is what the kids call a baller move.

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