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Predict the score for the Boise State - UT-Martin game

Otto Greule Jr

There are no such things as cupcakes anymore, but would it be too much to ask for a palate-cleanser? FCS UT-Martin could be one of the better teams in small-fry football, but they're no Washington. And we're no Boise State. Ack, I can't make sense of anything any more. Let's just get to the picks.

Predict the score for the Boise State - UT-Martin game


Following Saturday, I'm somewhere between hoping that another game never comes, and wishing that the UT-Martin game had already occurred. I hope that the new scoreboard is impressive enough to remove my sorrows. I think that the Broncos come out angry, like Doug Martin Angry, and Ajayi and Baltazar both have 100-yard running games. Southwick has more than 3.8 YPA, and one of the receivers breaks out and demands the ball, a la Keyshawn Johnson.

Alas, even with all of the positives above, the DL still struggles to find their identity, the new French Vanilla offense continues to have issues, and crazy fans continue to feel confused at why there is an impostor playing at home on the Blue. Boise State 35 - UT-Martin 14

Chase Glorfield

Since this is our first game of the season (I have amnesia), I'm excited to see how our team performs. But, if the Broncos HAD played last weekend, something tells me they would have been woefully unprepared, something that I have never seen during the Coach Pete era. Granted, UT-Martin isn't the powerhouse of DUI-committers, cocky weasel coaches or have the "athletes" like our alleged opponent last week, but I believe a fire has been lit.

Boise State will be prepared for this game and many more (until we need our "nose bloodied" again, some seven years down the road). That said, the Broncos are still finding themselves and discovering their strengths and weaknesses, and how to account for them. Boise State 38, UT-Martin 10 (An Angry Jay Ajayi concusses a linebacker and forces another to pee his pants)

Drew Roberts

I'm tempted to place a moratorium on my score predictions since my foolhardy conclusion that the Broncos could score FOUR touchdowns against the Huskies missed the mark by...well, FOUR - but I still think a wounded Bronco team is a dangerous team and will be wanting to erase all memories of last weekend by turning the AjaltazarTM loose on Tennessee-Martin. I'll admit, I'd feel better if this game was against Tennessee-Williams or Tennessee-Ernie Ford, but I still think the Broncos get back on track this week with a 39-10 win.

Kevan Lee

Fortune favors the bold, so here goes nothing: Boise State 55, UT-Martin 21. That's right, the Robert Prince Offense of Turds comes together in a fireworks display of touchdowns and big plays, maybe even some from the passing game. Maybe. Predict with your heart; that's what I do.

Nate Peters

I don't even know where to begin. I, like many others, have a powerful imagination, and I'm pretending that last week never happened. I unfortunately also have an incredibly detailed memory, and it happens to be full of tears and stomach pains. I'm guessing the Broncos are finally able to get into the end zone. The Ajaltazar Zombie will run for a collective 200 yards. And playing angry will secure a victory for the Broncos. Boise State 41, Tennessee-Martin 17.


What do you think the final score will be for the Boise State - UT-Martin game? A lot to a little? Not enough to less than that? Who cares, check out this JumboTron? Shock and awe with your guesses in the comments.