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OBNUG Pick 'Em, Week 2

We're into our second week of the college football season after a disappointing first week. At least we have some exciting news about our pick 'em contest!

Thanks to everyone for signing up for the OBNUG Pick 'Em Group. We have 117 entries so far. The first week is in the books and it just feels kind of icky after a loss. Luckily Boise State isn't taking a week off and will be right back at it to hopefully get a win under their belt.

Also, after experiencing a second consecutive loss in my visits to Husky Stadium, I got this text from Kevan: "please stop attending Washington games." No problem, Kevan. I will watch the next one at home.

On to some exciting news about our pick 'em contest!

Pick 'Em Prize

Thanks to the generosity of a local business owner, we now have a prize for this year's pick 'em! Craig Collett, known as Broncoblood around here, runs a custom printing and framing business in Boise called Media Specialties. They have been in business for the past 37 years and can pretty much take care of anything printing and scanning you can think of.

With their help, we will be offering the following original poster done by our own Drew Roberts. The framing will be different but the poster itself is below. Thanks again to Craig and his staff!



Below are the top 10 or so after week 1. bsuorangecrush had an impressive total of 49, but I made sure it wasn't due to Boise State's loss. They missed that pick like I assume everyone else did.

1 bsuorangecrush, bsuorangecrush 49 96.1
2 4EverBleedBlue, 4EverBleedBlue 48 94.2
2 BroncoTeeth, BroncoTeeth 48 94.2
4 V1kings28, V1kings28 47 92.2
5 jahkass911, jahkass911 45 87.3
6 well versed, Messs17 44 84.1
6 BSUbuff, BSUbuff 44 84.1
8 takingston, takingston 43 80.7
8 the great beancounter, ositobello 43 80.7
8 RYANVM, RYANVM 43 80.7
8 rhand11, rhand11 43 80.7

Your turn

It's not too late to get in the competition! You know everyone will forget to submit picks at least one week. Check out how to join by reading our initial post here.