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The Mountain West of Disappointment: Week 2 Preview

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I was thinking about writing a weekly article about Mountain West football, and then last week happened and I realized I must write a weekly article about Mountain West football. Boise State laid the giantest of eggs, and that wasn't even the biggest story. Misery loves company, so isn't it great that we can all be miserable together? (Except you, Fresno State. You're out of the club.)


In short: It's week one, so there's really no need to draw sweeping conclusions and make broad generalizations just yet ... except that New Mexico might not win any games.

Remembering last week

Mountain West scoreboard. Hide the women and children.

In short: The total margin of victory for the Mountain West in wins against FBS competition was 1 point.

Weekly Awards


Team of the Week because there had to be one

The Wyoming Cowboys, by virtue of hanging with a Top 25 team and not losing to an FCS team, are the toast of the Mountain West and currently sitting in first place in the moral victory column, a full 35 billion moral victories ahead of Boise State. Wyoming gained 600 yards and came within a field goal of upsetting No. 18 Nebraska.

Player of Last Week (PLOW)

(note: I am bad at acronyms.)

Derek Carr is the nation's leading passer after Week One because he threw two weeks' worth of passes against Rutgers (73 passes total, more than nine times how many passes Army threw last week). Still, I must give credit where credit is due. If you throw 73 passes and complete 52 of them for 450 yards and 5 TDs, you deserve player of the week and all the free Tommy John surgery you can get.

This Week's Game of the Week of the Century

San Jose State @ No. 5 Stanford

How good is San Jose State? Does San Jose State even know? This weekend will be the barometer of barometers as the Spartans travel to Stanford for the Cardinal's season opener.

The other games of the week

Rebound game: Nevada vs. UC Davis

Impending blowout: San Diego State @ No. 3 Ohio State

Impending upset: Air Force over Utah State

Idaho 50-burger bait: Wyoming vs. Idaho

Misc. games:

  • Hawaii @ Oregon State
  • Boise State vs. UT-Martin
  • Colorado State @ Tulsa
  • Fresno State vs. Cal-Poly
  • New Mexico @ UTEP
  • UNLV vs. Arizona


What the Gamecube says

At the request of nobody, I will be simulating the 2013 college football season using the best technology I have available: NCAA 08, the one with Zabransky on the cover. Expect to get some tasty nuggets of wisdom from this exercise.

After Week One, BYU's Max Hall is lighting people up.

Tweet of the Week

Boise State's loss to Washington was big news on Twitter and, apparently, in San Diego where Aztec journalists were busy averting their eyes from the Stink Bomb in Qualcomm that was SDSU losing by three scores to directional Illinois.



I'm sure Craig Thompson is proud to have San Diego State back in the fold, too.

Oxymoronic Mountain West Power Poll

  1. Fresno State
  2. San Jose State
  3. Utah State
  4. Boise State
  5. Wyoming
  6. Air Force
  7. Nevada
  8. San Diego State
  9. UNLV
  10. Colorado State
  11. Hawaii
  12. New Mexico

Carr Rankings

1. DeLorean

2. David

3. Derek

Star Rankings

1. Big Dipper

2. Orion's belt

3. North star

4. Onstar

99. Dancing with the Stars

Sklar Rankings

1. (tie) Jason, Randy

Jar Rankings

1. Mason

2. Cookie

97,000. Jar Jar Binks