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Burning questions for Boise State vs. Tennessee-Martin

Otto Greule Jr

Will Boise State's new offense perform better than it did against Washington?

Can the Boise State defense bounce back against a second straight no-huddle team?

Will Joe Southwick complete a pass of 20 yards?

Will a Boise State receiver ever be father than three yards away from a defender at any given time?

How hot is Robert Prince's hot seat? Use Celsius.

Should we go ahead and cancel the 2015 game against Washington?

What is the all-time record for most 3rd and 6s in a single season?

Did Chris Petersen receive Dan Hawkins' LinkedIn request?

Is that Pat Forde's bus I saw on Craigslist?

Which is stronger: The Mountain West or the Sun Belt?

Who is stronger: Craig Thompson or Karl Benson?

What is stronger: The sugar beet factory smell or Derek Carr's body cologne?

Is Tennessee-Martin our James Madison?

Should the Broncos put a bell on Shane Williams-Rhodes so they know where he is at all times?

Are you there, God? It's me, Robert Prince.

How long before Coach Pete bans former players from using Twitter?

What is the over/under on when students leave the game? Five minutes before?

How will the new alcohol tailgating laws affect the "Boise!...State!" cheer? Will it be more like "Blossy!...Schmate!"?

Can I get ESPN3 on my Microsoft Surface tablet?

Can I get ESPN3 at a Buffalo Wild Wings?

Can I get ESPN3 with a "Free 100 Hours of AOL" disc?

Are Bronco fans being too hard on the coaches and players?

What's the deal with Chobani yogurt?

Where did we put Dallas Burroughs? I know he's around here somewhere.

If the Broncos aren't going to use their old offense, can I have it?

What does Kellen Moore think of all this? His silence is deafening!

If U2's lawyer charges for his services, is he still pro bono?

Anyone got a good fantasy football team name I can use?

Will the Boise State band play a rendition of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines?

Is Tennessee-Martin related to Tennessee Williams?

What was Aaron Baltazar thinking, throwing Daniel into that den of lions?

Does the Bronco Shop have enough Jay Ajayi jerseys in stock?

What will Joe Flacco do without any receivers?

Did Zee, the tee-retrieving dog, revamp his playbook in the offseason?