Prince: "We were concerned we had too many plays going in to the game."

WHAT. THE. ()#$^$)(#*&%!!!! How can you be worried that the team had "too many plays" ready?! YOU ONLY RAN FOUR PLAYS!!!!!!

Deep breath. Calming breath.

On the bright side...I have reviewed film of all QBs on the roster or committed except for Hedrick. THEY CAN ALL RUN VERY WELL...and three of them (Finley, Greene, Patti) played extensively in shotgun/pistol spread. We may not be a fan of this offense right now...but the more I look at the guys we've been recruiting and at the RB's we're gonna have for the next 3-4 years, I really think they're trying to go more to a power-back uptempo with a QB who can run AND pass. Boise State was primarily a power-back team BEFORE Kellen and Fiesta Bowl 1. With the right RBs, pistol does a lot of the same things as a pro-set, but at a much faster speed. As is usual, the tendencies of any offense depend on the skill players available to that team (a pistol set with a good throwing QB might resemble an air raid offense, but a pistol set with big running backs may closely resemble a smashmouth power run offense).

The new offense will depend on speed of attack to keep defenses on their, as has always been the case, it will come down to execution for us. Boise State has always been successful because they did their jobs BETTER than the more talented athletes on the other side of the field. great as Kellen was...Wilcox had to BEG Petersen to offer him a scholarship. BEG. Kellen didn't fit the mold of what the staff wanted, but was SOOO good at everything else that he started for four years. Looking back, I really think that our offense would have become an uptempo attack of some sort three or four years ago had it not been for the greatness that is Kellen Moore. The motion/shift worked so well for the last four years because Kellen had his brain secretly replaced by an NSA-grade analytics computer at birth. Seriously, that guy would have made even the Alabama defense look silly.

It's the QB's after Southwick and Hedrick that make this offense intriguing. They'll all be able to utilize this new offense to great effect, and I still venture to say that motion will eventually become part of it (inevitable, really - uptempo will reach a saturation level significant enough that coaches will eventually have to start looking for ways to confuse defenses instead of just wearing them out...hence, the motion will always return regardless of offensive system). Patti is a fantastic balance of accuracy and running ability. Finley has pinpoint accuracy and effective speed. Greene is the best overall athlete of the bunch.

A lot of people seem to be blaming Prince for the playcalling, and I understand that. I'm not happy with the playcalling, either. But...what if the problem isn't Prince as much as it is Southwick? In public, the staff and players say they trust Southwick...but the playcalling seems to indicate otherwise, don't you think?

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