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POG Vote: Boise State vs Southern Mississippi

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Broncos are taking steps in the right direction, although we all know there's much to be fixed still. Nevertheless, a victory is a victory, and the boys sure needed it after last week. Now that the prediction is in, and we've seen the game, let's make our POG vote.

Boise State vs Southern Mississippi POG Prediction


Aaron Baltazar, Freshman, RB

With 20% of the votes, Aaron Baltazar was predicted to be the POG for Boise State vs Southern Miss. That prediction made a lot of sense considering his dynamic play against Fresno the week prior. Unfortunately, Baltazar only played a few downs (trying to get the younger guys some reps, right?) on the night. Was that enough to get him official POG honors? Sound off!