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Predict the score for the Boise State - Southern Miss game

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Call it the 2-2 blues, but this week seems to be quieter on the Boise State front than it's been in years. You can hear a pin drop, which is good because no one wants to step on a pin. See? Being 2-2 has its advantages.

Whether a result of deepening blahs or my lack of organization to send out email in a timely manner, the OBNUG editorial predictions for the Boise State - Southern Miss game are a little light. There are four of them. But it's a lofty four.

Predict the score for the Boise State - Southern Miss game

Kevan Lee

This season-on-the-brink has made me wary of being overly confident in my score predictions. Is a Boise State 53, Southern Miss 14 final score too much? Yeah, probably. I'm not sure the offense can keep from turning the ball over long enough to score that many, and I have my doubts that the pass defense will cover people-not-grass and allow fewer than three scores. But if there's anywhere to wear my heart on my sleeve, it's with a Boise State score prediction and/or a Dairy Queen. I say the Broncos start a new winning streak this Saturday in a big way.


I am still sad. The offense doesn't seem to be the problem any longer (other than turnovers). My sadness now comes from the fact that the defense has a hard time with anyone who runs an up tempo offense. I know this is a problem in more cities than Boise, but I assume that every one in college football determines their happiness by the success and failures of the Broncos. I also assume that Southern Miss realizes that their fans would rather they be a good whipping boy, rather than actually pull an upset, so I say they throw 14 interceptions and the Broncos win 41 - 40.

Chase Glorfield

Nothing lights a fire under your butt than starting a season 2-2. At least I hope that's how the Broncos are feeling as they take on a woeful Southern Miss team Saturday. I'm thinking this thing is over before halftime, and an angry Boise State squad keeps piling on the points even though it doesn't need to. The Golden Eagles are no match, but let's just hope they don't find a way to throw the ball Derek Carr-style. Even if we have to outscore Southern Miss, it's a 'W' for the Broncos.

Boise State 56, the Southern Mississippi Fightin' Brett Favres 13

Nate Peters

So maybe I'm not that good at this score prediction game after all. If the Broncos feel as embarrassed with their games as I do about being 2-2 with my picks, then I predict a massive blowout. The Broncos are going to win big, but unfortunately the big win still won't solve our problems, and will likely only provide a false security blanket heading into our other big games of the year. Nevertheless, a win is a win, and hopefully helps us build some confidence and momentum going into Utah State and BYU. I think Ajayi will run as angry as we've ever seen, and Baltazar won't be giving up the job easy. Final score: Boise State 63Southern Mississippi 17


How confident are you feeling about this week's Boise State game? Predict away in the comments.