Boise State + Burgers = Party USA

Update: The party is happening. Saturday, November 2, at Boise Fry Co. at Bown Crossing. Be there or be square.

Attention friends and party animals,

I am sending out a feeler. Would you be interested in attending an OBNUG Watch Party where you watch a Boise State game with all the cool writers and readers and commenters and lurkers from the site?

Would you be interested in watching at a Boise Fry Company location?

Would you be interested in the Boise Fry Company giving you special prices and free stuff?

Is it a deal breaker if the game is against Colorado State?

We are on the verge of party-planning an epic bash for the November 2 Boise State football game at Colorado State, and I'd like a head count. Keep in mind that the Boise Fry Company makes the world's tastiest fries, greatest sauces, and secret-good burgers. Here's their menu; you'll want one of everything. Plus, there's the possibility of discounts, giveaways, dramatic readings of Mr. Fiskers posts, and the Boise State game will be on all the TVs.

Please give your soft maybes in the comments.

More details to come.

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