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Burning questions for Boise State vs. Southern Miss

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

What's to become of Joe Southwick's mustache?

Can Southern Miss throw the ball? If so, yikes.

Is it more cost effective for Jay Ajayi to rent the doghouse or just flat out buy the thing?

Now that Fresno State has shown they can handle the spotlight, which bad Mountain West team will they lose to in Weeks 10 through 12?

Did you guys know Trevor Harman has a 352.00 passer rating?

When will see the Connor Peters package of plays?

Fire Robert Prince! Sorry. Habit.

If you put a roast in a roaster, what do you put in a toaster?

Can someone catch me up on Breaking Bad? I know there's meth in it, but that's all.

What uniforms will Boise State be wearing on Saturday night?

What's to become of the hot dog race at Bronco Stadium?

What about a churro race?

Blizzard race?

Matt Paradis vs. Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe race?

Is Chris Petersen on the hot seat?

Was David Carr's greatest career accomplishment someone else beating Boise State?

What's this I hear about a golden eagle eating a deer? Oh.

Will the real Blake Renaud please stand up?

What is Spencer Gerke's spirit animal?

When is the ceremonial burning of lucky Boise State t-shirts? I have two.

Is Joe Southwick's shoulder okay?

Is Aaron Burks's "undisclosed" okay?

Is Jay Ajayi's self-esteem okay?

How does Coach Pete going for it on 4th and 15 make Dan Goodale feel?

Will Rocky Long demand a ban on black uniforms after dusk?

Would you describe the excitement for the Southern Miss game as palpably apathetic or apathetically palpable?

Is it too late to change my Pick 'Em team name entry to Apathetically Palpable?

How are we going to beat Utah State?