One must wonder...

Three things:

If the pro-style motion/shift is starting to cause problems with recruiting. Think about it: kids turn on Sportscenter and College Gameday... They don't see highlights of Stanford, Wisconsin, Texas. Generally, those highlights are "meh" to high schoolers. What they DO see is Oregon, Baylor, West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma State (they revamped their offense, too), Florida State, etc. running high speed offenses and making other defenses look silly. Even Oklahoma - who ran a pro-set power rush in 2007 - switched to up-tempo...four years ago. But it doesn't just come from there. High school coaches look at those programs, then see programs like Toledo run similar stuff, so THEY start to run it...particularly if they have speed guys. We have SWR and D. Burroughs.

Second: even IF we were able to bring back guys like Hamdan, Harsin, or Moore to call plays, I'm not sure that means a return to the motion shift. Arkansas State ran the ball 57 times last week. FIFTY-SEVEN!!! Sounds like an up-tempo power rush attack. Ironically, we are built to do that.

Third: you don't change an offense this drastically if the players are understanding it and executing it at a high level. I wonder if there is a legit lack of "getting it" by the younger players on the roster, especially with high schools all over the country shifting to up-tempo.

Fact is, if or when our offense starts putting up 40+ points on a regular again, no one is going to be complaining about the offense. After watching the game again, I'm much more concerned about the defense than the offense. Fix the red zone playcalling (no more consecutive gut runs), get our speed guys in there regularly and hit some deep balls 2-3x a game, and...points.

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