Just another CFB Poll* - Week 1

I've changed the name of my computer poll from "Loque's Poll" to "Just another CFB Poll," deeming it being more precise and because I can't think of anything else to name it.

* Any suggestions would be appreciated

Because all Div. 1-A teams are created equal, there is little data to go on. Right now it's only win percentage and margin of victory. Strength of schedule will be accounted for beginning next week but the polls won't begin to normalize until week 4.

1. Georgia Tech

2. Baylor

3. Oregon

4. Arkansas State

5. Michigan


107. Boise State

109. Idaho

As you can tell, it's not looking pretty for the Broncos -- and probably won't for a few weeks after UT-Martin.

You can find the full poll here until I get a more friendlier website established.

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