Making a mole hill out of a mountain.

We all know the story of BSU's quest to join the Mountain West Conference. They never wanted us. Utah, TCU and BYU bolted; we were suddenly welcome as an anchor for the conference. Now that we are in, even if it is basically just a new WAC 2.0, the top half our conference must become the menace that the heavily monied conferences dislike if not dread.

But this first weekend was a disaster; I shall now nerd on.

The MWC was outscored 458 to 265.

The MWC went 3-9 (two and two against FCS teams). Consider: Fresno State by 1 over Rutgers, San Jose State by 24 over Sac State and Air Force by 25 over Colgate. Nothing convincing in the three wins. The most impressive effort of the week was a loss: Wyo by three to Nebraska in Lincoln.

Two of the Mountain's supposed upper tier teams lost by the biggest margins: Boise State by 32 to Washington and Nevada by 38 to UCLA.

Next week will offer some low caliber victories if all goes well: BSU over Tenn-Mart, Wyo over Idaho, FSU over Cal Poly, Nevada over UC Davis. No one will play up to victory: SDSU will lose to Ohio State, UNLV will lose to Arizona, San Jose is at Stanford, Hawaii at Oregon State (well maybe, but Hawaii is traveling): Toss ups? CSU at Tulsa, and NM at UTEP.

I believe that the top tier of the MWC must be legit if the conference is to attract as must good talent as possible, if there is to be any hope of increased media revenues, if there is any chance for BCS breakthroughs and the resulting revenue sharing.

So. I'm crazy to worry about this, right? Right???

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