It's the Offense & Prince Fault...NOT!!! Wake Up Broncos...

Just flew back and have been reading all the LACK OF LUV.

I very seldom post, but reading all the bits and reasons why Boise State lost, and the hate/blame pointers thinking they know more about football than BSU coaches. Here is the bottom line.

Offense did pretty well at moving the ball. 170+ yards passing to 170+ yards rushing = almost 350 yards total and doing it on the road to a bigger conference. Now this is against one of the best Defensive Coordinators in PAC12 "Justin Wilcox" and doing it the 2nd game in a row against him. So YES, our Offense did improve and get better. "Murfs Turf" rated BSU's Offense Grade an "F". I guess he did not watch our Offense produce 350 yards against PAC12 Defense and especially against Justin Wilcox.

Did we not forget what happened last season in the bowl game? Our D. could not stop Sankey. We had all of the off season to prepare at stopping him and the bottom line is...WE COULD NOT. Our inexperience and lack of depth on Defense is the main reason we did not win this game. Even if we completed those long deep drives inside the 20 to TD's, we still would have lost. So..I say..If you want to fire someone, fire the Defensive Coordinator (just joking).

Yes the play calling was toned down and Coach Pete told everyone that would be the case. Yes the run game was ok but honestly, I feel our O-line was not opening the holes for the RB's and in fact we have not been able to do it for about 3 years. So if we are going to run up the middle on PAC12 schools, then we need a bigger front line. Now I also feel some of the play calling was lacking at times, but we were told what to expect.

Those who think this was the worst offensive performance. Wrong Again. BYU last year at Bronco Stadium when the Offense only generated 260 yards and ZERO points.

Bronco Nation has been spoiled with great Defense shutting out some of the best RB's we have ever played. Our high scoring offense easily won when we had that great D. Now we are rebuilding with new kids, newer coaches and so it will take time, play and adjustments to get back there..And it might never happen again that we have BOTH such stellar D line and high scoring Offense.

So please. If all you want to do is bash on and point fingers, at least look at both sides of the ball, both teams and their coaches, then show some respect and give good/bad points. So much negative from the majority of you folks makes the rest of the country see what whiners we really have.

We'll get going soon enough and the wins will start flowing.

For those who want to point out my grammar and spelling, please....

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