Husky Stadium

We were seated up high in our seats purchased thru BSU. We were fairly close to several stadium speakers. We noticed that UW would play dog barking noise on every BSU offensive third and fourth down. The noise would start well after the crowd and would be played during the play clock, sometimes playing down to ten seconds.

There has to be some rule in NCAA or Pac 12 against this and if not, there should be.

The stadium seemed to have music and video going constantly during time outs and change of possession. I am sure that most stadium game experience will keep moving towards more and more "av fillers" designed to keep momentum and entertain the home team. I suppose it will not be half as annoying when we are not getting our %$#*s handed to us or while at Bronco Stadium, but pretty sure I am not looking forward to the change.

I also noticed that the "BSU sections" were way up in all the corners. I get the "strategery." Bronco visitor sections are not the best seating in the house but at least they start at field level so their cheer leaders can actually see their crowd. Our cheer squad had about twenty people in from of them...

Every home field has it's perceived advantages and I understand that, (I will just get the blue on blue thing out of the way) but where is the line?

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