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POG Prediction: Boise State vs Fresno State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

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In a new OBNUG tradition, we'll all be taking bread and butter pickle juice shots every time ESPN mentions Southwick's mustache tomorrow. Additionally, we'll be posting a Player of the Game (POG) prediction before each game, as well as a POG vote after the game. Yeehaw!

Friday is my birthday (you're welcome). Many years ago on my birthday, a young freshman quarterback waltzed into Autzen stadium and torched the Ducks to the tune of 386 yards and 3 touchdowns. On that beautiful day, I wished for a Bronco victory. It was September 20th, 2008, and it was all I wanted for my birthday. The birthday Gods granted my wish. Tomorrow, I'll make another powerful wish; one that would have a certain mustachey quarterback following in the steps of his predecessor, and bringing home a Bronco victory. I'll also wish for the new jacket they have at the Blue & Orange Store.

I tell you this tale so that it may guide your POG predictions. May the force be with you, and the birthday Gods with me.


Former POG Predictions

Boise State vs Air Force: Jay Ajayi

Former POGs

Boise State vs Washington: Dan Goodale

37 YD. Field Goal, 20 YD. Field Goal

Boise State vs UTM: Shane Williams-Rhodes

2 RUSH., 26 YDS., 7 REC., 89 YDS., 12.7 AVG., 2 TD., 30 LNG., 186 APY. (all-purpose yards)

Boise State vs Air Force: Joe Southwick

27 CMP., 29 ATT., 287 YDS., 93% CMP., 33 LNG., 1 TD.

POG Prediction