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OBNUG Pick 'Em, Week 4

Three weeks in and Boise State has a winning record. How about your pick 'em entry?

Unfortunately Boise State's game against Air Force this week didn't make the list of games to pick. Must be due to another Friday night start. Utah State's match up against USC did though. What do you think the Aggies' chances are to put another nail in Kiffin's coffin?

Make sure to get your picks in!


Here are the top 10 or so from our group. Full standings available here.

1 BroncoTeeth, BroncoTeeth 99.1
2 jahkass911, jahkass911 97.1
3 harvey.catalano, harvey.catalano 96
4 takingston, takingston 95.3
4 bsuorangecrush, bsuorangecrush 95.3
6 boise_brady, boise_brady 94.7
6 V1kings28, V1kings28 94.7
8 BroncoBlood, BoiseCraig 94
8 2 pt conv., ivan-aint-terrible 94
8 broncospinner, Spencer5808 94


As we mentioned before, we'll be giving away a framed Boise State print. Framing is done by Media Specialties in Boise. They have been in business for the past 37 years and can pretty much take care of anything printing and scanning you can think of. The print is an original by our own Drew Roberts.