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Boise State v Air Force: POG Prediction

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

I like traditions. Lets make this a new one.

It was quite obvious that Player of the Game (POG for short - but seriously, who loved/loves POGS?) honors went to Shane Williams-Rhodes against UTM. I say obvious loosely considering Joe Southwick was my Star No.1, but the Idaho Statesman really liked SWR. In their defense, so did I, and a case could be made for either Bronco. Before that came Washington, and...uh...yeah...

Each week on game day, I'll post a POG prediction. Immediately following the game, I will run an additional post giving you (THE FAN!) the option to vote on who you thought the POG was for that game. We'll keep a running tally and see how good our predictions are based on who really produced. Ready, GO!

Former POGs


Boise State vs Washington: Dan Goodale (c'mon, he's the only one who put points on the board)

37 YD Field Goal, 20 YD Field Goal

Boise State vs UTM: Shane Williams-Rhodes

2 RUSH., 26 YDS., 7 REC., 89 YDS., 12.7 AVG., 2 TD., 30 LNG., 186 APY. (all-purpose yards).

POG Prediction