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Predict the score for Boise State vs. Air Force

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Predict the score for Boise State vs. Air Force.

Drew Roberts

Yikes. I haven't been looking forward to this game since the last time, but I suppose I'd rather Air Force be our conference band-aid that's just ripped off quickly. Nothing in football is more painful than watching clock-grinding 80-yard rushing attacks, and while Air Force won't have one dominant rusher, they'll have a million capable rushers that'll flummox and confuse our defense...and our defense this year, from what we've seen so far, could be better.

The only saving grace for Friday's game may be that this is not as good of an Air Force team as the one we saw in 2011...the pants-wetting realization is: we're not either. The best thing to do against Air Force is jump on them early so they have no recourse but to take to the air and abandon their base triple option set. Hopefully that's what we'll do on Friday evening. Sidenote: Utah State dropped 52 points on AF last weekend, so this game could also be a good measuring stick of where the Broncos are in relation to the resurgent Aggies. Broncos win 38-21, but I'll hate every minute of this game.



Friday's home game has me asking a number of questions. Is this the marquee home game of the year? Will Air Force be cheered loudly when they enter the stadium? How many knees will Nick Patti take in the fourth quarter? How many knees will Air Force take with them (cut block joke)? Why isn't Army called Ground Force? Will I ever feel normal seeing Kirby Moore with his new hair cut? Do you think Nintendo Kirby will come back on Wii?

The answer to all of the above is most likely yes. And although this is not the Air Force of last year, as Coach Pete has repeatedly reminded us, they can throw the ball forward. They can't catch it very well, but they are able to throw it. I think Air Force gives the Broncos fits and improves the focus on tackling. They also give the young DBs a chance to get their game up to speed in order to prepare for the talented QBs they will face the rest of the year.

Southwick continues his mustachio greatness, and Matt Miller gets involved in the intermediate passing game. The Broncos build a big lead and then try to hold on as every DL on the team loses a knee. Broncos 42-27.


Chase Glorfield

There's a reason Boise State is a 23-point favorite against Air Force. Two reasons, actually. The Broncos are a more talented team, and they're at home. Does that mean we will win handily? Yes and no. While I do think we will prevail, it's never easy going against the style of play of Air Force, nor its discipline and work ethic.

I think Coach Pete and Co. turn the tables on the Falcons this year and the Broncos dominate time of possession. It will keep their offense off the field and Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe's knees safe.

Boise State wins 42-20, Jeremy Ioane has a pick-6 and a fumble recovery-6.


Kevan Lee

Of note, Air Force was my upset pick of the week last week, and they gave up a 50-burger to Utah State in a loss. So I guess I should make them my upset pick of this week, too? Air Force 31, Boise State 21 ... which translates to Boise State 52, Air Force 20.

(Full disclosure: The thought of playing Air Force, ever, terrifies me, so the less I break down this game, the better. A man has to sleep, and he doesn't get any sleep thinking about the triple option.)


Nate Peters

I concur with my footbally counterparts. This game has me more antsy than Miley Cyrus at a demolition site. The triple option is a Black Plague from which there is no escape. It will eventually suck all happiness and joy from your existence. You can only prolong the death with solid tackling, winning the turnover battle, and great secondary play. Oh, plus you should really score more touchdowns than the other team. Sounds simple, right? I think the Broncos struggle with this one, but thanks to the return of D-Law, the boys come away with a W. Boise State 28, Air Force 17.



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