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Burning questions for Boise State vs. Air Force

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Boise State defense stop Air Force's triple option attack?

Will the Broncos be able to make the most of their possessions on offense?

In what frustrating way will Air Force convert on 3rd and short this time? Fullback dive? Naked boot? Center sneak?

Quick. Name an Air Force player. Any Air Force player. Past or present.

Time's up. (Tim Jefferson.)

Does Joe Southwick's mustache have special powers?

Does Joe Southwick's mustache have a healthy respect for our armed forces?

Can Joe Southwick's mustache play linebacker?

How many tackles will Blake Renaud end up with? 10? 20? Infinity tackles?

How old is ESPN announcer Carter Blackburn? 10? 20? A prepubescent 31?


Who's excited for the new season of Parks and Rec?

What unspecified team rule will Demarcus Lawrence violate this week?

If vegetarians love animals so much, why do they eat all their food?

Which will be longer: Air Force time of possession or The Hobbit?

How soon before Rocky Long turns off the TV because he just can't handle watching those blue uniforms on blue turf for one more minute?

Who has the football? (Question submitted by ESPN camera guy.)

Is this Air Force fan next to me an undercover cop?

Should I have told him a different way to take a walk on a short pier?

Did Boise State consider implementing Air Force's triple option when it was throwing its own offense out the window this offseason?




How much would it cost to send a Boise State flag into space?

How much would it cost to send Mark May into space?

Who's Alabama playing this week?

What do Winco shoppers think of Joe Southwick now?

Is Troy Calhoun on the hot seat?

Is Brent Pease on the hot seat?

What would a coaching staff of Dan Hawkins, Robb Akey, and Houston Nutt be like?

How many days before Nick Patti Jalen Greene is Boise State's starting quarterback?

Can Matt Miller have the ball, please?

How come Kellen Moore isn't rubbing off on Ndamukong Suh?

Is it Fresno week yet?