The test of resolve

Without the shadow of any doubt, the resolve of the BSU players, coaching staff and fans will be put to the test after what was obviously a humiliating defeat in Seattle. It was painful to watch and even more painful to digest in the aftermath. With that said, the question is what now? Answer, try and have a successful season despite what happened. It's been said that the true test of character is not how one deals with success but rather how one deals with defeat? The truth is that we- as BSU fans- have been become complacent and just flat spoiled by past success. Even more evident is that now the rest of the MW surely smells blood in the water. Fresno, Utah State- well actually- the entire conference will no doubt act like a gang of blood crazed predators and seek to extract some measure of revenge on BSU. For the sake of the players, I hope Coach Pete rights the ship and heads that off at the pass. Last night, I like many others were very critical of the Broncos and what we saw on the field. I forgot that we simply don't have the team we used to have. But was I and many others asking too much that they at least put up a fight? I'm still with you Broncos and my resolve will be tested along with yours. Fellas, stand up and fight back hard. If so, I'll do the same. Ignore the press corps because they'll bag on you even if you won the National Title. Coach Pete, you may seriously want to consider a change at the OC position?

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