An Open Letter to Squally Canada (& other recruits)

Dear Mr. Canada (and all other Recruits),

Selecting which university to attend is one of life’s major decisions. We know you are bombarded with facts and feelings as you consider your options. It’s OK for you to look around. We take commits VERY seriously here at Boise, but if you have already committed and feel the need to decommit, it’s OK. Really.

Part of growing up and maturing is learning how to make important decisions. Making serious decisions is not easy, and unfortunately none of us has figured it out. If we did, we’d be millionaires. Sometimes you need more time, or need to think about things more. There’s nothing wrong with that.

As to the decision at hand, I am sure you will make a good decision for yourself. Both schools and programs are excellent, and I’m sure your parents will guide you well.

Having said that, it's important to realize the caliber of coach Boise State has at the helm. He is such a good man, so successful, that he's almost too good to be true. But it is true. And he is real. And to pass up the opportunity to play for him would be to pass up one of the best times of your life, and would be a shame.

Comparing Coach Pete to someone is difficult. He has no current peers. One has to look back in time to find someone of equal moral ground, of equal values. Coach Dean Smith is the best match. (For those too young to know, Coach Smith taught James Worthy, Michael Jordan, and countless other NBA Hall of Famers. For Coach Smith, he developed a lifelong family-like bond with and among his basketball players and coaches. Coach Smith – like Coach Pete – was a teacher and mentor first, a coach second. There are numerous stories of players and coaches helping each other out that continues to this day. Coach Smith was always there for his young men, even after they were grown men with families. Google Coach Smith and you’ll see stark similarities to Coach Pete. Both coaches truly care about the well-being of those in their program, even if it means sacrificing winning in the process. Like a father who is proud to let go of his children when they are ready to move on and be successful, despite the pain of watching them go.)

Coach Pete cares MUCH more about developing you as a solid young man with excellent values, solid lifelong friendships, and a lifetime of support than winning. It just so happens that young men thrive in such an environment, are more likely to form lasting bonds with each other, and oh by the way… Win!

Mr. Canada, we hope you come here and join Coach Pete, not just because we admittedly would like to have your talent on our team, but more importantly because it will provide you with a priceless experience that will pay off for you long after you graduate. For you will not only get Coach Pete and staff’s mentorship, but also the support of the incredibly warm and friendly community of Boise. The Boise State experience truly is one-of-a-kind.

But should you venture off onto another path, we wish you nothing but the best. May you have a lifetime filled with happiness and may you find a tight family of friendships that you can call on the rest of your life. For that, after all, is what’s most important.

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