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Observations, disappointments from Boise State vs. Washington

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

This is the saddest part of tonight's loss.

Fix our offense

Boise State went into the offseason laboratory to correct all the boring, unuseful parts of the offense and ended up with ... a new-look dink-and-dunk no-huddle? Play after play of four-yard gains? And all the problems in the red zone, they decided to keep? I'm no scientist, but they should probably go back in the lab.

Jay Ajayi is a battering ram.

Geraldo Boldewijn is flypaper.

Joe Southwick is currently upset at something/someone/the third quarter gameclock.

Aaron Baltazar is a grown man.

Shane Williams-Rhodes is deemed too xx to be used in Boise State's new-look offense of xx.

This offensive line will do just fine, thanks.

Gabe Linehan is hairy.

Fix the defense, too, while you're at it

Boise State's defensive gameplan was solid, except for the part where every defender wore rollerskates. Tonight's defense looked the least like a Boise State defense than any other from the past five years. There was something eerily ordinary. Fix it!

Did we leave Demarcus Lawrence at home?

Nice hands, Donte Deayon.

Nice girth, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe.

Nice 4th down stand, Boise State D.

Bad 2nd half stand, Boise State D.

Let's put things in perspective

Sure, this game was the single worst beatdown in the history of Chris Petersen's tenure; sure, I cried; but the season is long, and there is still a chance for something special to happen. Like another Vegas Bowl.

But really, late November is a loooooong time from late August. Blowouts are forgiven. Teams mature. I am just as excited to see this Boise State team perform as I was before the game - maybe even more so now because I have no idea what to expect. Tennessee-Martin could be a thriller or it could be GaTech vs. Cumberland Part Two.

So let's be gentle with the following:

  • Fire Robert Prince, he's a bum!
  • Bench Joe Southwick, he's no Grant Hedrick!
  • The season is over! Let's go, Boise State basketball!

Miscellaneous thoughts

This was like kerosene poured on my feelings after the Michigan State game.

Never thought it would be so soon when Boise State fails to score an offensive touchdown again.

Remember: It was 10-3 with Boise State driving for a tying touchdown early in the third quarter.

Ugh. Blerg. Sighhhhhhhhhhh.