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Predict the score for the Boise State - Washington game

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Your weekly Friday roundtable topic has given way to a weekly Friday score prediction thread, featuring the probably wrong guesses of a panel of OBNUG experts. Chuckle heartily at our foolish soothsaying. Add your own foolishness in the comments.

Predict the score for the Boise State - Washington game

Kevan Lee

Color me confused about this one. Boise State is ranked in the Top Twenty, and Washington is not. Washington is a four-point favorite, and Boise State is not. What am I missing? Part of me believes this will be a wildly lopsided cakewalk for the Broncos, and another part thinks this could be deja vu Tharp, circa 2007. Reality is probably somewhere in the middle, so I'll go Boise State 31, Washington 24.

Drew Roberts

Washington is opening a new stadium so I think their "must-win" quotient might be higher than that of the Broncos, so I expect them to come out with their hair on fire. However, I think if the Broncos weather the early storms we're better equipped to win a slugfest. Keith Price was heavily harassed in the bowl game and that was without Demarcus Lawrence and it's hard for me to believe that Bishop Sankey will have such easy sledding again. I think the game will be tight but the Broncos find breathing room after halftime. Boise State 28, Washington 17

A revamped stadium, a home crowd that hasn't been to a true home game in almost 20 months, and the weight of expectations will UW hyped up beyond belief. I think that plays right into what Boise State wants to do. I feel bad for UW linebackers, corners, and safeties who are going to get play-actioned to death. Additionally, the fact that both teams will employ Oregon 2.0 offenses will put a premium on conditioning which I trust the high altitude of Boise to take care of that.

Coach Prince and Mr. Southwick will be on the same page and it will be a thing of beauty. Boise State 42, UW 21 - No field goals needed; Ajayi 2 Rushing TDS, Miller, Burks, and SWR with 1 Receiving TD, and Anderson with 1 INT TD.

Nick Kroes

I guess I'm not as confident in this outcome as I originally thought as just thinking about what a reasonable final score would be sends shivers up my back. Of course, I'm always a nervous wreck for the opening game. That's only compounded by what happened the previous trip to Husky Stadium. However, if I put my rational hat on, I do think that Boise State will prevail again like they did 8 long months ago. I think it will be close, however, so I'm thinking a Boise State 27, Washington 24 outcome could be possible. Although it feels weird to be strangely confident in field goals again!


Washington scares me. They don't scare me as much as later games against Fresno State, Utah State and BYU, but they still scare me. The bread and butter of Washington seems to be a power back with two pass catching tight ends. I think the game will largely be determined by the play of our linebackers both in run support and in coverage on the TEs. Since I have a secret crush on Blake Renaud, I think he and his crew of mighty men contain the tight end/running back combination enough for the Broncos to hold Huskies offense at bay. I also expect one special teams or defensive touchdown. So a score of Boise State 27, Washington 15 seems appropriate.

Nate Peters

I don't really think anyone has a clue about this one. Could it be a low-scoring slug-fest circa BYU 2012? Or will it be an offensive shoot-out circa Oregon 2008? It's tough to say, but the touchdown homer that lives deep within my soul is rooting for the latter. I believe with Boise State's improved playbook, the Broncos won't have any problem putting points on the board. Unfortunately, we know Washington also has the tools to score in a hurry. I think as long as our defense can put some pressure on Price, and win the turnover game, the Broncos will come away with the victory. Final score: Boise State 34, Washington 21.

Chase Glorfield

There are elements of this contest that have me concerned. Without a doubt, the ravenous home crowd filling up a newly reopened stadium will play a part, as will the team's desire to not christen it with a loss. Imagine if we opened a renovated Bronco Stadium. The desire, the want, the need to win would be tremendous. But with that, comes pressure. Pressure plus the pressure of needing to avoid another 7-6 season. It all may be too much for the Huskies to compartamentalize and handle. It's all about which team prepares better for the non-football factors, and Washington
has a lot of DUI/ASJ/broken pinky stuff to deal with.

In the end, here's what it boils down to: Coach Pete >>>>>>>>>>> Coach Sark.


What will be the final score of the Boise State - Washington game? You get to write it down publicly for all the Internet to see in the comments and then be like "I totally called that one" afterward when your score is exactly right. This is your moment!